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Hourly fees explained

The packages that Keystone Websites have created offer exceptional value when creating your site from scratch. Circumstances may exist, however, when you may prefer to employ us on an hourly basis. We are happy to update or redesign your existing website, whether or not it is one of our designs, or we can create a new site from scratch. The range of services we offer is quite broad, but we have chosen to simplify our pricing structure to make it as transparent as possible. The following table outlines our pricing structure. You can click the name of the service for a descriptive definition.

ServiceHourly fee
Basic web authoring$75.00
Advanced web authoring$100.00
Flash animation$120.00
Graphic design$120.00

Service definitions

For your convenience, we have included a brief description of each of the services we offer at Keystone Websites:

Basic web authoring
Most web pages are created in HTML, or it's newer cousin XHTML. The process of creating or editing web pages in these languages is called basic web development. For the typical small business website, these documents make up the bulk of the web pages in a website. Keystone Websites offers considerable experience in the rapid development of basic web pages.
Keystone Websites can work with you on a one-on-one basis to advise you on all your web needs. We can help you to define the goals of your website before the building process begins, and we can help you develop your existing site to take advantage of new opportunities and technologies. If travel expenses (if applicable) are met, we will be happy to meet you personally.
Advanced web authoring
Dynamic and electronic commerce websites are built around databases and server-based programming languages. The processing of user input (from feedback forms, for example), interactive navigation, and multimedia enhancements demands a greater level of sophistication than can be achieved with basic web development techniques. The team at Keystone Websites is well-versed in these technologies.
Flash animation
Macromedia's Flash can be used to enhance the visual flair of a website. The development of Flash components is very different from traditional web development in that they are developed in a special piece of software, before being deployed to the web as a self-contained program that relies on a downloaded "plug-in" to work. A long development time is not unusual, so Flash should only be considered when circumstances demand it. Its use is not recommended for websites that must comply with accessibility regulations.
Graphic design
Although "content is King" in web design, a good visual layout with supporting imagery is vital to the commercial success of a website. At Keystone Websites, we can create logos and graphics to enhance your site, using the latest technologies available.